Embed live game

I would like to spectate any live 9x9 game (one game at a time) on my web page similar to how Lichess, Lidraughts, and Lishogi have widgets cast any live game and I can embed those on my web page.

(Technically my web page is static content on my desktop which I use when using OBS Studio to livestream software development and am writing code or waiting on a build, I can see a live chess game, a live draughts game, and a live shogi game, but not yet a live go game.)

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Pretty sure you can do this with the real time api.

I don’t understand, probably because I don’t know the widgets you’re talking about.
OGS games are on web pages. Why would you embed an OGS game into another web page?

Same reason you’d embed a YouTube video on another webpage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Toadofsky one could always try an iframe… Unfortunately there is no dedicated embed link for games, so you get all the sidebars and stuff. Check out the below issue for the feature request.

@Toadofsky out of curiosity, could you share your current set up? Like a screenshot of the webpage or the page itself if publicly available?

I would be interested to see how the other sites you mentioned look, and/or how you’d expect OGS to look in a widget. Like would it be just the board?


Thanks for your interest. I’m using board widgets from:

each as a separate browser source, along with the Kaspersky globe widget: