Embed thumbnail previews need fixing

For about a year now, thumbnails for embeds have no longer been displaying a preview of the current board position, but an empty board instead. This is across platforms. Please make it work correctly again? <3

(For example: KataGo 7 komi self-play games)


In this thread


S_alexander is sharing many games and thumbnail behaviour is not consistent (from my smartphone):

Same on my PC.
When I refresh the page, thumbnails aren’t the same: some disappear, some other may appear.
Looks like some sort of communication issue between forum and main site (timeout maybe?)


The problem persists with embeds outside of this forum.

Any fix in sight…? :slight_smile:

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Looks like the API server doesn’t like serving more than 10 thumbnails in a short period of time:

It’s taking half a second to generate each one so it’s probably taking up quite a bit of server power to generate these; I’m guessing that the problem is that the thumbnails aren’t getting cached.

If these png requests are already going through Cloudflare, maybe the devs could tack on an Expires header for 24 hours in the future and that would mostly fix it?

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