Emo Ko Threats?

So the idea is that if you run out of good threats, you just play a bad move to be punished.

Seems like a bad idea but maybe there are certain situations where this can be possible? like filling in a small Seki maybe?

I’d like to know if this has been done before or the theory has been put in practice at the very least.

Even if locally playing bad moves (losing points) it would still be a valid ko threat if the value would be larger than of the ko


seems like there are only a few cases where its a good idea.

if W is going to win the ko, then B will have lost the points they spent
to continue to ko to no end

if B wins the ko, then the ko has to be more than the cost of white’s last
(insufficiently large) threat, plus all of the points that B spent to continue
the ko.

so it seems like theoretically yes, but you’d have to count threats…or i guess
the ko is so damn big you’re gonna lose regardless, so why not?