Empty board for practice


Does anyone know where I can find an app or website which provides an empty board for practicing layouts and scenarios. I don’t need predetermined scenarios; I will be laying out both white and black stones myself. Basically just a substitute for real Go board I can mess around with.



You can do it here on OGS. Select “Demo Board” in the Challenge pop-up. It can be made Private as well (only on creation!).

I can recommend Drago (Linux or Windows), MultiGo (Windows), and GridMaster or Gobandroid on Android.
There are several web-based gobans, e. g. http://eidogo.com or http://goginkgo.github.io.


For offline use I recommend the awesome plugin Web Go Board (for Chrome) / Web Go Board (for Firefox) by Ilya Kirillow, a full-blown SGF editor. You can also use it to use (most) SGF files posted on the ’net.


thanks for the links!


How do I have this kind of functionality as well as I can show my steps to the other person? Just as an offline teaching process?

I think the demo board works for this also, you can just share the link? for example Play Go at online-go.com! | OGS you should see my demo with sanrensei?


Thank you michiakig! I set it to be private and if it is not private, I can see it. One more question. Is there any way that on one board, two players can freely put white and black stone on the board? The Demo Board seems only allow the owner to demonstrate.

good question i’m not sure though. hopefully someone has an answer. i think with reviews you can change control so maybe with demo boards too?

Thank you! I am a new user here. “With reviews you can change the control”. Can you tell me how to do that?

Welcome to OGS!
I think you click another user in the chat:

If you wish to pass control to another player so he/she can comment on moves and create branches for everyone just click on his/her name anywhere in chat and select “pass control”

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In the first response to the original post it looks like their used to be the functionality to challenge people on demo boards in the create menu?

Or maybe it was just a different way to access them.

I suppose there is a way to challenge people from a demo board position with the “fork game” option. I don’t know if the demo board would act like a review for that game though and follow it along (maybe not because it can be forked multiple times)

As a side note, on mobile the delete branch buttons seems to not work on demo buttons. Any else can confirm that?

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