Encountering Online Game abandoners

Has anyone encountered an online game abandoner? You’re in the middle of a winning game, yet all of a sudden you see that your opponent left your game! Personally, I’ve had that happen to me for Idk how much times! I think the reason why people do that is because they’re afraid to lose. But still! If they are afraid to lose, they’ll probably know that even if they go away/run away, it doesn’t make much of a difference, because you’d win anyways! Now, this is only based on my experience in OGS, because Idk what KGS does when this situation happens! I suggest you to try several things at first.

  1. You can try calling a refree and private message or just enter in the game chat saying/asking- “Hi, I am your oppoent, I called the refree incase you are having technical issues, I understand, it happens.” I think you should ask first, because what if there really was a technical issue going on? Or wi-fi, in this case. You should definetely do this if it’s a very important tournament you’re doing, although they wouldn’t just leave like that in one.
  2. If the first stradegy doesn’t work, you can simply say- (again in the private chat or game chat)- “Hi, please do not do that in your other games…(Because I would win anyways if you exit the games like that).” Maybe they don’t know you would win! Maybe they thought if they exit the game, you’ll lose! If you tell them that, first of all, it’s polite and appropriate, second of all, incase they actually didn’t know, you just told them about what they did was wrong, and didn’t make much of a difference, and they probably wouldn’t do that again.
    Now, ONLY DO THIS IF YOU THINK THE SITUATION IS VERY URGENT! Some urgent situations are, world wide tournaments, or just any tournaments! In regular games, it simply isn’t worth it.

All in all, I know it is VERY VERY VERY annoying when you encounter a game abandoner, but remember! When it comes to Go, an elegant and peaceful board game, you never want to be rude or super angry/inappropriate in ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! (It’s my opinion, at least). Try to stay calm, and if that doesn’t work, a TD/Host can simply deal with it. It isn’t worth your time for you to block them, spam them, etc. Just think that they don’t qualify the criterias of Go, and they are not worthy of it.
Thank you for reading my opinion of Encountering Online Game Abandoners! (Don’t do anything inappropriate or else you’ll be just like them!) :wink:

Please leave a comment below:
Have you ever encountered a game abandoner?
What do you think people should do when they encounter a game abandoner?
Do you think people should do that?


Hi, as a moderator, I strongly disagree with this :slight_smile:

File a complaint anyways! If your opponent abandons, report it! It does not matter how urgent it is, we will read the report eventually and deal with the abandoner. The largest problem we have, is that things like this don’t get reported, which results in abandoners staying under the radar for far longer than necessary.

So, please, don’t hesitate to report opponents that annoy you :slight_smile:

It’s in fact against the terms of service to hinder your opponent from playing Go. By abandoning the game, the abandoned player has to wait for a timer to tick down, during which they don’t get to play Go. So this is a definite no.


We could get pretty philosophical here. In the general case, if someone is committing some wrong which carries some potential penalty in the jurisdiction in question, under what circumstances, if any, is it morally mandated, morally permissible, and morally wrong respectively to immediately report said act, and under what circumstances, if any, is it morally mandated, morally permissible, and morally wrong respectively to not report said act, and in those cases where it is morally permissible or morally mandated to not report said act, which other action should be taken, if any?

I think the severity of the crime matters. (report murder immediately, maybe give someone who cuts you off in traffic a break)

My null hypothesis from the Bible for more minor matters would be to talk to the person, then talk to them with another, and leave reporting them to the relevant authorities as a last resort. In the case of OGS, getting a mod involved sounds like the second step, and the mod would then progress to the last step of banning them if it was warranted.

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Thanks for replying! I REALLY agree with your second opinion! I partly agree with the first one, because you have first hand experience, so I can’t say anything against that. But I don’t think ppl should waste their time to file a complaint if it’s just a practice game, on the other hand, small things can lead to huge messes! So I also agree with you. It’s funny because there are a lot of perspectives in this topic! But your’s are one of the most accurate ones, because, once again, you have first hand experience. :smiley:


Yeah, I guess you definetely have a point right there=) and the evidence/example from the Bible was awesome, too! And I do agree, because I really do hate those online game abandoners XD

That’s two seconds:

  • click link “call a mod” from the game’s page
  • type “escaper” as description

If you are really slow at typing, this could take five seconds.


true, yet sometimes you can do better things within that time, and you can also just ignore them=) But you do have a point :upside_down_face:

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Doesn’t mean I’m not eating crow. Of course, everyone have different perspectives, and no right or wrong opinions=)

Reporting could be seen more like teaching how to behave here as a punishment. The thing is to understand a behavior when you don’t agree on it and let the moderators who have more tools and experience manage it.
My guess is escapers escape sometimes from reality of the real world where they can’t do that. (Not talking about the rules here but how forgetting the other player is easier and consistent with a “I just want fun” attitude).


If you do report them, a moderator will let them know, in a careful and practiced way, that it’s not allowed here and encourage them not to do it. Good outcome - I bet commonly newcomers don’t even realise it’s not OK.

If you do not report them, then they keep doing it and other people have their time wasted in game.

Seems pretty obvious which is the better option,

I think the first two items in the original post are a bad idea. People hate being told that someone dobbed them in, and they hate being told what to do by fellow gamers. Much better that the message comes from a moderator.


I’m sure some, especially younger newcomers, may not realize it’s wrong, but I think most have played chess or League of Legends or pretty much anything multiplayer where they should have learned regardless of the game that abandoning is not allowed.

Maybe … but if they do it and get no corrective response, then they learn its OK here.

Just report it. It’s best for everyone.


Yeah, I guess… :grinning: