End of the game sound instead of pass sound

I finished a correspondence game just now. And I’m pretty sure usual soft ‘pass’ sound got replaced with sharp ‘end of the game’ sound. Anyone else?


Yes, I preferred the double-beep being reserved for the game finishing.

Yes. It was more logical. Pass is the less important event.
The other thing is, that I left games in counting phase, because the double beep triggered my reflex to start another game. I’m usually lucky enough to notice, that I have a play pending, but its quite frustrating.

@anoek did you swap the pass and endgame sounds around recently?

Please change it back, it is very very confusing.

But when someone is on it:
Can you put a “Pass”-sound, when the oponent hit pass, after I self hit it first (in the wy around there are 2 sounds. one when he/she hit pass AND when i hit pass).

Mm, it’s very possible I broke that by accident, the change was certainly not on purpose.


It was back to normal for me on mobile and seems to have changed back again. Very strange.

I also witnessed players passing today and the “game end” sound playing with each pass, the first making me think one player had resigned.

Should be fixed now