Ended Game Rewind after Sending Reviewing link

Hi Here :

Here is problem game link : Tournament Game: (McMahon Pairing)麥克馬克洪賽制Test 3 (94515) R:1 (Hururu vs 半百老喬)

this is a game supposed ended with more then 200 steps which you can tell from chat area that it shows some conversations happens in 207 steps.

however, after sending a review link (in this case take 150 steps), the game stuck in 150 step.

in this case, if you are trying to download the sgf file , it will also shows the game is in process and current step happens to be 150.

is there any solution ?

Thank you.


Very strange. Recently there was a glitch that also revived a game: [RESOLVED] game revived after resignation

Possibly related???


I think these two case might be different.

in that revived game post seen like the game keep shows opening due to some server error

but this case is more like some UX error. I think the data of this game has been completed recorded however some UI problem make us can’t reach the rest of record.

Just my opinion.