Engine for Sabaki

Hi everyone. I have just downloaded Sabaki. Which engines are suitable for a 15-10 kyu player?

I imagine GnuGo and Fuego might be fun and be fun to play against depending on the board size.


As in gnugo should be a decent opponent, while maybe fuego is better at small boards.

You can see some suggested engines at

Leelazero and Katago might be a bit too strong but might be fun for analysis.

I don’t know exactly if you can turn down the strength of leela and pachi say to have them not play at like dan level.

pachi - GitHub - pasky/pachi: A fairly strong Go/Baduk/Weiqi playing program

I guess there’s a list here too

I don’t know much about the megapack here

but it does list some more Ai’s or in some cases weights for neural nets you could use with existing (installed say) Ais

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Katrain has multiple playstyles and difficulty settings available. It’s also very easy to setup. Highly recommended.