Enthralled Go

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English seems to have a lot of synonyms making it easy, and I guess one could also use other languages as well.

Another (Go variant naming meta-) strategy is prepending extraneous generic adjectives and adverbs:

  • excellent
  • exuberant
  • exalted
  • exciting
  • exiting
  • editing
  • existential
  • experimental
  • experiential
  • entirely
  • effective
  • exhumed
  • enthroned
  • exacting
  • excluded
  • etymological
  • entomological
  • exotic
  • erotic
  • egregious
  • embarrassing
  • episodic
  • epistemic
  • epidemic
  • epidural
  • epic
  • enough

Note how many of those are Latinate words made with the ex- (out of) prefix.

English Latin root Further root
excellent excello (to excel) *cello (rise)
exuberant exubero (to be abundant) uber (udder), ie. flowing with milk
exalted exalto (to exalt) altus (high)
exciting excio (to excite) cieo (to stir)
existential existo (to exist) sisto (to stand or place)
experimental , experiential experior (to experiment) peritus (skilled, experienced); likely from a verb *peritor
exhumed exhumo (to exhume) humus (ground)
exacting exigo (to examine, demand, execute) ago; this is a complex verb but essentially means to think or act
excluded excludo (to exclude) claudo (to confine, restrict)

Then you have the Hellenic epi- words and the French en- / em- ones.

Latin exhumo fits very nicely to English unearth, Latin excio to English stir up, etc.


If @Vsotvep ever runs out of inspiration:


Some of those are new to me, including, ironically:


An explanation of something obscure or unclear.

Wiktionary gives a very French pronunciation.

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it remain me the probabilistic / superpositional Go i have created some time ago.

The tweets i’ve made : https://twitter.com/TheFineMouche/status/1259978923754037251?s=20

Note in my carnet :

Maybe i should create a full topic of this idea in english (cause my tweet an notes are in french)

Could it be similar to this?

it similar but have some differences.

it’s not entangled but diffuse, when a player play a stone, it show a ruban in the column of the opponant.

if he play on the stone, the ruban disapear but the stone is white and black until one of the player capture it, until this the grey stone can be use by white and black group.

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if ruban in collums is too weird, what about a cercle / diamond of fuze.

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I’d be interested in more details.

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I, too, resign. Even though I understand the hints about undo, I still can’t picture the moves. I’ve played go for years and studied tsumego many times and still cannot read ahead more than one or two moves.


Even with the hints?
Got it finally!

If you want a huge spoiler, I put the solution in a meme: Go Memes! 🧐 - #2995 by yebellz