Entirely hypothetical questions

Let’s say someone plays an account or two very similarly named to their own in a ranked game, is this a bad thing?

Let’s say someone has dozens of correspondence games close to timeout/ timeout but keeps playing in live tournaments and ignores the corrs, this is probably not a bad thing, but is it bad manners?

I say the correspondence games is only bad if they actually timeout. If they are close to timing out, there isn’t much they can do. If they are just timing out but playing live tournaments, I would consider this bad manners and possibly report them. The ranked game one though I think only matters if they are actually the same person. I know some people playing each other in a ranked game with really similar names. If they are the same person though, this could be considered cheating for different ranks.


not unless they are the same person making fake ranked games for sandbagging/airbagging purposes

Probably better to resign than time out if you know it’s a risk, also can use vacation mode, but timeouts are pretty common in corr anyway


@Gia If you don’t mind me asking, which are the accounts that you are talking about. I want to know now.

If it’s not clear that they are report - worthy, I’d rather not disclose names.


Makes sense :+1:

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Better to timeout in a bulk than resign everything individually. That way it doesn’t mess with ranks and doesn’t leave opponent wondering why you resigned. Ideally you shouldn’t start the game you can’t finish but that’s life.


you can resign tournaments, can’t you?

…oh right some people do non-tournament corrs…

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Report suspect accounts privately to the moderator team. You can do this by clicking on their username and clicking “report”

Please provide as many details in the report as possible. We have access to certain features that help us answer these questions and can determine whether anything malicious is happening and follow up appropriately with the user/s in question.

Thank you.

You made the right call not to publicly name and shame them here in the forums. This is our job, not the mob’s. However, don’t ever hesitate to report people you suspect. We will investigate before coming to any conclusions :slight_smile:


Ah, so that’s what admin team is for: public naming and shaming people on the forums!

You’ve been doing a rather lousy job at that, then, haven’t seen any of that in ages :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t remember seeing anyone claiming otherwise :wink:


I agree. We demand more public humiliation!


hmm watch some of my recent games and you can watch me being repeatedly humiliated.