Erroneous Time Out—Bug?

Last night my nephew and I were playing a live game.

At one point when he was in his last Byo-Yomi period, we paused the game because he had to look after his kids, meanwhile I visited other open tabs, and then I suddenly won on time, but neither of us had unpaused the game!
What am I missing?

Did we find a bug?


This is not the first time I have seen this and it has already been reported. The client sent the timeout even though the game was paused.

I’m sorry about that. You can fork the game and continue from there if you want is another game in which I’m sure it happened


Thanks, @_Sofiam, that’s what we did, though that came with other problems (like us both having the same Byo-Yomi time left when before I had still been in the first of ten periods).

But good to know that apparently it is a bug and not us doing something wrong … we wondered whether we maybe had hit some keyboard command unknown to us.


I think it may be best to move this to Bug Reports … doing so in a minute.



Also, forks lose information about captures IIRC. Best to switch to area scoring or adjust komi accordingly if that’s a concern


And now this happened again, but in a corr. game:

  • My opponent turned off vacation
  • still had 40 hours,
  • and then suddenly lost on time :open_mouth:

@anoek, is this a thing? I mean, is it a bug? Then maybe I should get those games annulled …
Or are we missing something?

I’m afraid if this ever happens to me, I’ll leave the server and not come back. Really, it’s totally unacceptable. Like the infamous loss of Kashdan (I think?) to Reshevsky.


Initially, I thought the issue was only present in one of the third party applications, but looking at it now…

I assume you were both directly on the OGS webpage? Or could you check with him/her?

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Asked him (at 03:14 CET), his answer will probably trundle in in the morning.

Sorry it took me so long, a little overwhelmed again by Real Life :roll_eyes:

Windows laptop
Chrome Version 107.0.5304.88 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)

macOS 13
Safari Technology Preview Release 157 (Safari 16.4, WebKit 18615.1.11.7)

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