Error in tournament win counts

I only have 6 wins in this tournament but I’ve been given 7 points. Hmmm maybe I should’ve just stayed quiet :slight_smile:

Well, the tournament director can award tournament points as far as I know. So maybe they accidently did this.

You might want to ask the tournament director — @porl3141 — directly since we can’t be sure they read the forum.

Here’s another case (9 wins with 10 points):

In the latter one, maybe some macmahonmagic is going on. I noticed before in some tournaments that some people get points just because they are stronger than others. I wasn’t able to figure out the exact mechanics, though. In ob3lixes case there shouldn’t be some macmahonmagics at all. My guess is: misclick by the tournament organiser or broken.

I am the tournament director of mini-tournament
I do not understand how the points are assigned either.

I have made no manual adjustments to any participants in quoted tournament.

We do have 2 disqualified participants - both timed out on their games. I made no adjustments there either.

Maybe it is just a temporary result and will be auto-corrected once all games are finished. Let us see what we get when the tournament is fully finished and compare the final result then with what we think it should be.


Yeah, the macmahon magic was applied in the past title tournaments, but not any more now as far as I know… If you look at the tables closely, you’ll find GreenLeaf (3d) is the only one who gets an extra point, while players with higher ranks don’t really get extra points, e.g. Sadaharu (5d), xopods (4d), Ukasuhs (4d).

Perhaps @anoek and/or @matburt can shed some more light on this if we summon them? :slight_smile:

hmm I’ll check this out and see if I can figure out what’s up.

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@gamesorry you’re right. It’s a different kind of magic. Further down the list are two players with different number of wins but the same number of points.

Thank you matburt for checking it out.