Error - No Games Being Played

Hello to All ;

Unfortunately ı cannot see any game and ı cannot offer a game from OGS.

Can you help me please ?

sometimes it happens when your internet is bad happened to me before. Or sometimes there might be a bug but Ogs will announce that or notify you

Did you try reloading the page?

I guess I fount the problem , my company blocked it. So sad :frowning:


But I don’t believe OGS uses Flash…

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Don’t think so either…

So if any OGS site developper in here , could you please answer why this is happenning ?

For ogs, site settings says flash is blocked.

We don’t use flash. Does your organization block websockets by chance?

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Hello Anoek ,

Firstly thanks for attention , is there anyplace that I can check if they block websockets or not ? Could you please show me ?

By the way if I give extra information , I am facing in 3 different explorer with same problem , Edge , Chrome, Explorer. And even if ı click +Game Board , its stacks like this and never load.