Error offensive tournament name


I am trying to create a new tournament, but it says the name is offensive, I am using: “Torneo femenino con handicap” and “torneo con handicap” in both cases its says is offensive.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance,



The server thinks the word “handicap” is offensive. To be fair, this word, used in the context of disabilities, can be offensive.

My guess is that the censoring software used by OGS is third party software, not created for this server in particular. I seem to remember that it thinks the word “Negro” (meaning the color black in Spanish, for those who don’t know) was a slur word (which, to be fair, in English, it is).

I do not know how to solve this issue completely, but I suggest you call it maybe just “Handi” or “Hándicap” with an accent (which it should have in Spanish anyway).

EDIT: knowing that you’re a Spanish speaker, I would respond to you in Spanish, but that goes against the rules of this forum.


Thank you for your answer, I delete the word handicap and I was able to create the tournament.
May be my english is not so good, but I can understand it, so no problem.



Well that’s a rather unfortunate filter trigger for a Go server :smiley:
Sorry about the trouble, I will see if we can change it.