"Error submitting move" should be mostly fixed

Hi All,

As part of a fairly large refactor of the underlying network and connection systems, I believe I’ve fixed the primary cause of the “Error submitting move” errors folks would see sometimes. The primary cause of this was a race condition that has now been eliminated. You can still receive this message if you lose connectivity for more than 10 seconds, but you should no longer receive this message if your connection drops and is able to be quickly re-established. I’ve also increased the speed at which clients will attempt to reconnect after a connection loss has been detected, so hopefully that issue will be mostly behind us (except when it’s a legitimate error message).

If you run into that error message, or anything else odd for that matter, please let me know! Recording the exact time at which the error happened can help me isolate the issue sometimes too.

– anoek




Amazing work!!!


3 “Error submitting move” in one game

Nothing notable in the logs or server metrics, 3 in one game sounds like maybe your internet was a bit unstable during that time?