“Escaping” when playing with bots

No one answered me in help chat for 2 days so I’m re-posting here.

What’s the policy regarding “escaping” when playing with bots? There are a few players who timeout every time they lose to my bot. Should I report them or is it allowed?

To clarify, I don’t mind blitz timeouts, but there are weirdos who make 1h games and leave (and don’t disconnect o.O) after 15 minutes.


Even if there is no rule, you can tell them that they are wasting resources of your computer and then no longer give them access to your bot.


Yes, I’ve already blocked them. I’m interested in the general policy.

Ah, sorry for missing the post, I though you were not there. :smiley: - sorry, sorry, could not resist, but genuinelly sorry for missing the question.

I would not say we really have a policy on that particular issue, did not really come up often enough for us to have a talk with other moderators. I must say, me personally I probably will not feel as “strict” about it as with human timeouts, I can understand the players may feel less obligated to be “polite” against a machine, but that said, it never hurts to report, and I am happy to ask the players not to do that and explain why.


Noice, another mod makes the same joke.
Gotta catch 'em all! :partying_face:

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Heh damn, that obvious? I guess we are all similarily dim-witted hillarious

EDIT sorry


Let’s try to use inclusive language, eh? Even with a strike through, it’s not very nice.


If they are thrown ranked games, yes report them. Especially if players make a habit of it.


Don’t start that again @flovo!!

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Maybe I should read more carefully. If they throw lost games I don’t care.

Should I report players who rage-quit when they lose a group but still are winning by KataGo estimate?

IMO strong bots should be unranked to prevent this problem from even arising.

If KataGo, Leela Zero, Golaxy etc. are recognised as superhuman then they don’t need a rank; their grey bot username supplies the necessary information.

I mean by this that they shouldn’t be permitted to play ranked games, and they should be given a “rank” like 1b, like a pro’s 1p. This’d also prevent airbaggers from farming them using ladders.


My bot not strong. He makes dumbsies.

But it’s a good idea. Made it unranked, thanks!

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