Estimate score gets locked

Whenever I click on “estimate score”, It seems like I can’t switch it off. Also, I don’t see the score actually estimated anywhere (apart from the standard display showing besides the players avatar, which seems to be always on), just territory is marked.

For example during analysis, once I turn on “estimate score” I can never place stones on the board again (until I close the analysis and then come back).

Is this feature working? Or is it just me?

Also, is it possible to actually score a variation during analysis? The actual game seems to be automatically and correctly scored after the two consecutive passes, but I can’t get to pass and see the final scores in an analysed variation.

I’m using firefox on Ubuntu 14.04

I get that as well from time to time. It seems to work if you press “Back to Game” while in estimate score mode. Just make sure you’re in estimate score mode and not in analyze mode otherwise it won’t return to normal.


  1. Click ‘estimate score’
  2. Click ‘analyze game’
  3. Click ‘back to game’

Estimate mode stays, you have to refresh the page to make it go away.

I noticed this ages ago and kept forgetting to post!

You don’t have to refresh the page if you go back into estimate score and then click back to game.

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