Estimate Score?

So I just recently played a game, and at the end of the game, my opponent passed. I used the Score Estimator to count for me, and it said I was ahead by 7. I then passed as well, accepted the scoring, and it gave the game to him by 0.5. Even with the komi, he shouldn’t have won. And does the Score Estimator not count komi? I just don’t get how he won when the Score Estimator said I was winning by 7.

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First, score estimator doesn’t account for komi. Second, I think it uses area scoring, not territory. Since black played one more stone than white (black played last and then white/black passed), black gets an extra point when you count area style. So 6.5 + 1 = 7.5 = the difference between estimate and the real result.

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Would it not make sense for the score estimator to account for komi?