Eternal notification

Hi. he bug is still here… :expressionless:

What game are you seeing a notification for? when i look at your notification list it looks like there should only be two games listed, both of them it looks like it is your turn - are you seeing something else?

Sorry I didn’t see your answer before.

The problem persists. I’m currently seeing the following four games as my turn, three being the other player’s turn, one being a game I lost by timeout.
They do not appear as my turn (green outline) if I look at my main page (where you see a small board for each game you’re playing), but a black stone with the number four appear on my top right-hand corner. (lost by timeout)

Hope my feedback is useful towards squashing this elusive bug.

Only one game, right now.

I suspect this may have to do with concurrent access to the OGS account from several devices. I normally have an open safari tab with OGS (actually, a Fluid app, but it boils down to the same thing…), and I also play out of a mobile chrome tab (pinned app) in my android phone.
Sometimes i get stuck notifications after playing on my phone, while having an open “desktop OGS session”.

I’m sorry I can’t be more precise at this point, but I suspect this may have something to do with the notifications becoming stuck.

Best regards,

Vasco Pimenta

Yes, it happens to me quite often, too, because I also regularly play from multiple browsers. Not only does the number stay the same on one browser if you go to another one and play some moves, but the list of games where it still thinks you’re on the move stays the same, so clicking it can take you through some games where it’s not your move any more.

Right now, I work around the problem by refreshing the page every time I go to a different browser.

@anoek, this is probably a completely separate issue from the one you fixed for MonkeyGO. It’s not an intermittent phenomenon. It happens all the time for me. I suspect it never fails to happen. It feels to me like there’s just no polling or receiving of push notifications to update the turn-notification-indicator when it’s me who makes a move, but just on another browser.

this also happens to me, and i usually access from … 3 machines. its always
the one left open for a long time which has extra notifications.

however, for me i always just shrug and reload and it displays the
correct number. isn’t that true for everyone else?