Eternal notification

Hi! I have a problem about this game
This game was over, but I still have a notification about it in the right top corner of page. I’ve marked it on my screenshot.

Clicking on that notification takes me to the finished game, and I don’t know, how to fix it. I want to delete this notification, but I can’t.
Please, help me.

Any better now?

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Yes, it’s gone. Thanx a lot! You are magician!
It was my fault, or bug?

Nope nothing you did, that’s a bug on our end :slight_smile: It’s been a bit hard to track down… so for now we just have a workaround to clear it when it happens… we’ll get it figured out one of these days though :slight_smile:



Have the same problem…
Could you use your magic on it please ?

Thank you in advance.

Should be fixed :slight_smile:

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Yes thank you very much.
Good luck fixing the bug… :wink:

Hi. Got the same problem with
As I remember, it wasn’t there the last friday.

You should be all set :smiley:

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I currently have 4 notifications that won’t go away, one for a game I just won by time, and three that actually correspond to games I’m playing but it’s my opponent turn.

If I go to the main screen where I can see the boards, only the correct games appear with the green border around them (i.e., the server knows which games to present me as those where it is my turn to play, only the notification in the top right-hand corner appears to be adrift).

This has never happened to me before, and I’ve been using OGS regularly for the past 8-10 months.

Thanks for developing the best Go server out there.


I think you should be all fixed up now :slight_smile:

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No. I have two notifications, one for a game which has ended (, and another for a game which currently is my opponent’s turn to play (

Let me know if I can provide you with any additional info.


It is now solved.
Thanks, and good luck with finding the bug.


Thanks! But now I got another one :slight_smile:

EDIT: fixed already

Hey there. I have the same problem again.
Any progress in finding and squashing the bug? :slight_smile:

This seems to be the thread for notifying you of persistent notifications. Mine is that every time I log in, the bottom of my screen has a chat window [minimised] from every player who has ever messaged me. Perhaps I’m missing something? Clicking the X in the top right, to close it works for the duration of the session, but as soon as I log back in, there they are again. Is there anything I can do to stop this?

And I’m getting some chat (desktop) notification every time I come online …

Hi. The eternal notification problem is still there. I don’t know whether or not this is being looked into, and I don’t intend to be a pain, just to let you know that every now and then I get these notifications even when it’s not my turn to play.
If I’m being redundant and this info is of no use, just let me know and I’ll shut up… :slight_smile:

@Pimenta Far from being a pain, I’m sure the staff appreciates all the help they can get with finding and squashing all the bugs.

No pain at all :slight_smile: I think i just temp-fixed you again, so hopefully that’ll do for another day or two :wink: I’m going to be trying to hunt this down again this weekend along with a few other issues (gonna be a big bugfix weekend I think :)) … so hopefully I can find it :slight_smile: