European Go Congress 2016 at Saint Petersburg

Hello OGSers!

Since it’s just little over 3 months before 60th EGC, and there wasn’t a forum post yet, i took the liberty of starting one :slight_smile:

So, are you folks gonna take part? For the whole 2 weeks? What tournaments you plan playing? Something else?

For me, it’s going to be the whole 2 weeks while staying at the congress site, hotel Azimut. I’ll be playing at least the main tournament and maybe some side tournaments, rapid/13x13/9x9 could be fun, but i also want to do some sightseeing in st. Petersburg, so i don’t want to be “stuck” with only playing. What i’ve heard its beautiful old city with a ton of stuff to see - and of course shopping, restaurants and nightclubs - so i also want to have some fun while i am there ;3
And of course i want to learn as much as i can, and improve my own playing :slight_smile:

How about you guys?

And there’s the official link, almost forgot xD


first week & weekend

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I am also staying the whole two weeks. Going to play at least the main tournament and also want to do sightseeing. I often heard that it’s a great city. I’m even learning some Russian now :wink:

I am really looking forward to it!

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Manja Marz checking the venue and the city ^^


I was hoping for Sochi.

I am also going. Staying for two weeks.
St. Petersburg is very close to Finland (Helsinki). I would visit it more often if the visa thing wasn’t so painful. There are many go tournaments regularly. The city has around the same population than whole of Finland :slight_smile:


Feel free to ask any questions about the tournament or S-Petersburg


Woohoo, only a month left! And over 800 registration at this point! (814 total, but about 100 have been marked as non-players)

Are you guys as excited as i am?