European Go Congress 2019 Brussels

Hello all,

Are there fellow OGSers also going to the European Go Congress in Brussels? I’ll be playing the weekend tournament, and it would be fun to maybe meet some fellow OGS players in real life. Hope to see you there!


Not this time sadly.
I went to Pisa (IT) last year and it was great fun.
Enjoy! :smile:

Me neither… :confused: I wish you better luck than I had with the same thread last year and the one from 2015. :smiley:

Unfortunately, @lysnew and I somehow managed to evade each other in Pisa. @xhu98 was hard to miss though :smiley: and eventually that photo went in the thread.


I’ll be there from 22nd to 29th of July. You know where to find me :wink:

At the bar? :wink:


Under the table.


Singing karaoke under the bars table?

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All of the above drowning his sorrows that he can’t be the first professional weiqi poker snooker player