European Go Journal: June & July 2023

In the united June & July edition of the European Go Journal you will find:

  • a review of the final game of the 6th European Professional Championship played between Mateusz Surma 2p and Antti Törmänen 1p at the end of June accompanied by an interview with the winner (Mateusz)
  • an article dedicated to the European Championship (will take place at the EGC in Leipzig)
  • as usual, much more

We plan to publish the June & July edition at the beginning of August.

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Photo below - Mateusz Surma 2p.


An interview with AGA ex-president Andrew Okun will be included in the June & July edition of the European Go Journal. If you have any questions you would like to ask him - feel free to leave them in the comments and we might forward them to Andrew!

Photo below: Andrew Okun (left) and Harry van der Krogt at the Seattle Go Center in 2015.


June & July 2023 edition of the European Go Journal: June & July 2023 Edition of the European Go Journal


  • An interview with Andy Okun – ex-President of the American Go Association
  • A brief interview with the winner of the European Professional Championship, Mateusz Surma 3p, and a review of the final game he played against Antti Törmänen 1p
  • Detailed commentary on one of the deciding games of the Pandanet European Team Championship finals played between Artem Kachanovskyi 2p and Tanguy Le Calvé 1p
  • The latest of the Thirty-Six Stratagems presented by Dai Junfu 8d, Art & Photography and much more

Number of pages: 57


The art is just so nice again in this edition :slight_smile:

Looking forward to working through the commentaries and interviews :slight_smile:


glad to read your feedback, shinuito!

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