European Go Journal: May 2022

In the May edition of the European Go Journal, we plan to publish an interview with Martin Stiassny, the EGF President. If you have any questions that you would like to ask him - please let us know, we might include them in the interview!

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I would like to know if EGF is interested in expanding their accessibility by investing more in online tournaments.
If so, do they feel they missed an opportunity by not taking advantage of the special circumstances (and opportunities) created by the pandemic?

To the very few online tournaments that happened, we saw a distinct and obvious reluctance to incorporate measures with a more broad, inclusive and long-term plan in mind, instead focusing on rigid “videotape yourselves” instructions, and with everyone’s mind to the moment that, finally, “real” tournaments would resume.

Is it a strategic choice of the EGF to focus on a player base already in countries with established Go presence and access?

I of course respect it, if so, but I would like to hear the federation’s thoughts on the matter.


Maybe better contact the EGF directly:


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I agree, I think this question is related to a specialized topic and doesn’t fit a general interview. It would probably be better to ask the EGF directly.

I couldn’t help but bring my neglected plebeian grievances in, but I would have guessed

“how does the driver’s seat of EGF feel about online go”

isn’t just an “inquiry” of no interest to the general public. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I think it’s a good question. My version would be: How could the EGF best use online opportunities to further the spread of Go?
Or more specifically, how can the EGF improve online tournament experience? Or do you think EGF could make online tournaments easier to access?

Or are online tournaments a way to encourage participation in competitive Go, especially by newer players?

I would be interested to see how participation in online tournaments compared to IRL ones and what conclusions might be drawn from this.


Question: Is there going to be a centralised plan to incorporate Go in the various European countries, instead of leaving it in the hands of just hobbyists and part-time amateurs.

Elaboration in case you want to alter the words of the question: Go is a cultural product/factor/element (whichever you prefer) of China, Japan and Korea which are, all three, very wealthy and influential countries. It strikes me as odd that their embassies wouldn’t be interested in helping fund and organise a grassroots cultural sharing via a game like Go, aimed, mainly at schools and young people (not only it is the best age to learn Go, but it is the best age to learn and open your mind to other cultures).

I assume that in the top tier countries of the EU championship there is a vibrant community that nurtures new players, but that is definitely not the case on the lower tiers. As far as we are concerned (Greece) we are struggling to even fill the four seats at the tournament days, let alone get new people involved, and I’ve noticed the same trend in most of the other teams down there. And, let’s face it, we are not getting any younger or get to have more free time as time goes by.

Aternative way to set the question: There is a good possibility that Go, in a lot of lower tier countries, will cease to even have a presence in a couple of decades. Are they planning on doing anything about that?

Thank you for your time and taking the initiative for that interview. :slight_smile:


Dear friends, I passed all your questions to Martin. He will respond if he finds it useful!

Meanwhile, some more news.

Last winter Anna Chernova and her family went to the Dominican Republic for a vacation. Unfortunately, at the same time Russia started a war against Ukraine, Anna’s home country, so their return flight was canceled. To help her children relax by playing go, Anna decided to contact the local go federation, which proved a great decision!

Later Anna asked Aristides Ledesma Mendez, the president of the Dominican Go Federation, to write an article on go in their country, while she has also written down her own impressions.

You will find Anna’s and Aristides’ articles in the May edition of the European Go Journal.

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Photo: beginners’ tournament in the Dominican Republic.


I would like to return to the question of sanctions against Russian Go society.

Now after than 95 days of war I would like to understand how the restrictions helps Ukranians? How sanctions helps to communicate better in Go world? Does the limitation for russian players support idear of development for european Go?


Although I understand the sentiment, I would say that we should empathize with the situation and not ask this question in this thread.


Ok, but in this case in which tread i may ask this simple questions? whould you be so kind to give me the link.

The desission was political, so I may assume that the reply should be from official representetives of the EFG

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I find it callous to post this question in Artem’s thread.
If you can’t see why, I can’t help you.


Execuse me but you have not reply my questions. I’me ready to realocate them there.

By the way I think that Artem is quite big boy to reply me directly in case he have some issues with my questions, other way it looks a bit strange if you try to understand me

You are big boy/ girl to find appropriate thread yourself.

I find your insistence not only callous but also suspicious at this point.

I’m done replying to you.


ok, I’ve found the tread and asked my questions.

To be honest, I’m not waiting the replies from anyone as the questions does not have rational answers. Your reactions just confirm my suspicious, I would be glad in case it is not so and EGF can explain its possition.

This forum here is actually the wrong address for such questions, OGS is just a game server and not associated/affiliated with the EGF.

Please direct your questions to the EGF, you can find the contact email address here: About the European Go Federation

Thanks for your understanding.


Thanks a lot for the link


Interview with Martin Stiassny (the EGF President), game commentary by Pavol Lisy 2p, an article on go in the Dominican Republic, and much more in the May 2022 edition of the European Go Journal: May 2022 Edition of the European Go Journal

Artwork on the cover by Virgile Pestel.