European Go Journal: November & December 2023

In the November & December edition of the European Go Journal, you will find an interview with Tomasz Andrzejewski, a newly-elected President of the Polish Go Association. Tomasz is also a President of the Szaleni Samuraje go club and the main organizer of the recent China Town Weiqi Cup in Warsaw. We discussed a story of creation of his go club, development of go in Poland, Tomasz’s plans to organize a European Go Congress in Poland, and more.

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In the 25th Nongshim Cup, China’s Xie Erhao 9p made an impressive winning streak. After entering the competition in round 2, he won seven games straight, thus leaving only Shin Jinseo 9p in the Korean team and Iyama Yuta 9p in the Japanese team. However, Shin Jinseo 9p managed to stop Xie on the 4th of December (first photo). Thus, Shin and Iyama will struggle against the remaining four Chinese players.

You will find commentary on that exciting game between Shin Jinseo and Xie Erhao in the November & December edition of the European Go Journal.

In this issue, we will also publish a review of the game Xie Erhao 9p played on the 28th of November - a final of the 28th Samsung Cup against Ding Hao 9p (second photo).




November & December 2023 edition of the European Go Journal:

Drawing on the cover by Camille Lévêque.


  • An interview with Milena Boclé 3d, 2023 French Women’s Champion
  • Detailed commentary on the final game of the 28th Samsung Cup between Ding Hao 9p and Xie Erhao 9p
  • A review of the game from the 25th Nongshim Cup between Shin Jinseo 9p and Xie Erhao 9p, in which Shin interrupted Xie’s seven-game winning streak
  • An article by Daniela Trinks dedicated to the top ten news items from the Korean go scene in 2023
  • A report on the 45th Australian National Go Championships by Bob Watson
  • “Three Ways to Play Go”: an article by Joan Lluís i Rabassó pondering the differences in experience between playing online and face-to-face, also introducing a new way of playing go – against a robot able to take a stone from the bowl and place it on the board by itself
  • The latest of the Thirty-Six Stratagems presented by Dai Junfu 8d, Art & Photography and much more