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Hello !

While we are all waiting the end of the last games of the first round, I take this time to creat this topic about the tournament. I would like to know your reviews, feedbacks about the tournament. It’s a premiere so you should concider it as a test. Anyway, i would like to know what are you thinkings about the start time (1pm GMT), the rules, is the main time too long (45min) ?

My goal is to provide a tournament with an interesting schedule (sunday afternoon) for european players and if the feedbacks are well and encouraging, i would like to organize this tournament twice a month on sunday afternoons (maybe earlier ? like 11am GMT or 12pm GMT ?) with a long main time to let players think and show us such interesting games.

Well, that’s all for now ! I think the last games of the first round are about to be ended.

I would also thank ALOT all the players who made it possible ! And a Big Big Big Thank to xhu98 who helped me a lot with all his advices and the time he gave in this tournament.



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And as a night owl, IF at all I had time for such, I think I’d prefer something like 12:00 (noon) — 24:00 (midnight) :smiley:

But as said, my time usually is too short, even with planning, and so I most probably won’t participate in live tourneys … so feel free to disregard my stance :slight_smile:

Greetings, Tom

Hello !

Firstly, I need to apologize for leaving after Round 1 (took more time than I was expecting, and I had to go).

I agree with LinuxGo with most of the things he mentionned. Having a european-based schedule tournament is great. But at the same time, even though I don’t mind playing with 1 hour main time (some games can reach 2,5 hours or more - think about inserting a break inbetween maybe ?) I think rounds should be spread more on a few days, maybe a whole week. Playing serious and slow games is quite tiring, and it can be quite difficult for people to play many in a row, due to this “tiring” part, or simply because they can’t (because of school, homeworks, jobs, or anything)

A tournament going over a full week is best to me, with two tournaments a month. (1h main time +5x30byo, two rounds a day ?)


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Before going to sleep :

I have came to the idea we need a group for the tournaments in the future. So if you’re interested by a European adequate time tournament, welcome in our group ! :slight_smile:


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I agree with @LinuxGooo, maybe we can even merge 11-20 and 21-29, because there are no many players under 20k.
What about 13x13 and 9x9 tournaments? They will definitely be much shorter than 19x19, so we can have 19x19 first, then 13x13 and after that 9x9? Unfortunately, for smaller boards, I think that it will not be possible to separate SDK, DDK and Beginners, because of smaller number of players.

@ST000MA @LinuxGooo Indeed nice ideas ! I’m glad to see reactions and comments about the tournament :slight_smile: !

Well it was already planed or at least in concideration to creat 3 tournaments for 3 levels of skill :stuck_out_tongue:
(DDK, SDK, dan+).

About the idea to have also 13x13 and 9x9 tournaments… well, i’m not really interested but fell free to organize them via the brand new group :slight_smile: IF you’re interested, PM me so we can discuss about that !

I planed to work on the group and tournament on wednesday,



On this Sunday there are going to be two 9x9 tournaments: one for DDKs and one for SDKs and Dans.
You can find tournaments and information on European Tournament Group page:
If you have any suggestion or questions, let us know! :smile:


Why did you choose 20:00 UTC to start tournament, it seems to me late for european players; or not ? In any case, it is “sometime” late for me.

My 2 cents :slight_smile: I’m interested to know the opinions of other players.

Hello! Thanks for telling me, I will see if I can change it. So far, the biggest number of players was online at that time. Would 18:00 UTC be OK?

My opinion is 18:00 UTC is better yes, especially for 19x19 tournament can be long and finish late in the night if start at 20:00 UTC.

Do not try to change this for today tournament, but it is a discussion to have for future events.

It is :slight_smile:

In my own opinion, in the sundays afternoon is even better. Usually i start my 19x19 tournaments around 12 UTC/GMT.