European Weekly Cup (Live tournaments)

Hi, all!
European Tournament Group ( ) is organizing few live tournaments every Sunday. We will use this topic to announce starting time, results, review links of tournament games, etc.
You can see all information on our group page. If you have any question or suggestion, please send private message or private chat message to TDs! Tournaments are open for everyone! :slight_smile:

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Tomorrow (Sunday,17.8.2014) we are organizing 9x9 tournaments: one for DDKs ( ) and one for SDKs and Dans ( ). They start at 20:30 CEST (18:30 UTC). Starting time was already moved once so, please, do not ask for moving it again. :smile:

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Tomorrow (Sunday, 24.8.2014.) we are organizing 13x13 tournaments: one for DDKs ( ) and one for SDKs and Dans ( ). They start at 21:30 Central European Summer Time (19:30 UTC).


First EWC 13x13 tournaments ( and ) are successfully finished! Thanks to all players for participating!
Here are the winners.

DDK tournament (11 players):
1st place: alsgar (14k)
2nd place: donbambone (13k)
3rd place: coxbury (13k)

SDK and Dan tournament (5 players):
1st place: Kungfu Panda (3k)
2nd place: lemmata (2d)
3rd place: Franzisa (9k)

Game wurfmaul (2k) vs lemmata (2d) is reviewed:

I hope all players and observers had fun! :smile: We are looking forward to incoming tournaments! :smiley:


New 19x19 tournaments start tomorrow (Sunday, 7.9.2014.)! There are three tournaments:

European Weekly Cup 19x19 DDK
European Weekly Cup 19x19 SDK
European Weekly Cup 19x19 Dan

They start at 2:00 PM Central European Summer Time (12:00 PM UTC). If you participate, it would be good to see you in European Tournament Group chat room 10-15 minutes before the start! :smile:

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First September EWC 19x19 tournaments are finished! Thanks to all players for participating!
Dan Cup is moved to start in 2 weeks, because it still has no enough participants.

Here are the winners.

DDK tournament:
1st place: Woldemar665 (15k)
2nd place: Yazphier (10k)
3rd place: medis (11k)

SDK tournament:
1st place: wurfmaul (1k)
2nd place: Sandhon (7k)
3rd place: TheDidymen (8k)

Game between wurfmaul (1k) and TheDidymen (8k) is reviewed:
Unfortunately, more than half players in both DDK and SDK tournaments were disqualified because they were not onlineโ€ฆ :frowning:
However, I hope tournaments were fun for both players and observers! :slight_smile: And we hope to see you in next rounds of EWC! :wink:

New 9x9 tournaments start today (Sunday, 14.9.2014.), at 18:00 UTC (20:00 CEST). There are two tournaments:

European Weekly Cup DDK
European Weekly Cup SDK and Dan

Remember to join European Tournament Group chat room 10-15 min. before the start, or (if you are not a member of the group) just confirm your participation by sending a private chat message to TD. :smile: