Every few seconds the server tells me "game started"

Even when I am not signed this happens and it has been happening now for several months. Does anyone knows what is going on?

Thank you

This was reported to the developer a little while ago, and he said the following: “Have him click the notification icon thing in the upper right and clear all notifications. Sounds like he is also having some connection issues too if it repeats, that only happens on a connection reset i think… but clearing notifications should help.”

the “thing” is the circle with the R inside? When clicking it I see my notifications but I cannot find how to delete them.

The problem comes from OGS game site, NOT forums.

Go to online-go.com click your upper right avatar (currently a cat) and either click the little X next to the notifications or click “clear notifications” bellow them do purge all at once. Hopefully that should help.