Exercise board layout keeps changing

Hello, I just found out about this site (after starting to learn Go four days ago). I’m interested in using the exercises to learn. One odd behavior I’m seeing is if I make a mistake and click the Next button, then try to go back to the exercise, the board is laid out differently. In fact, if you just go to the dropdown box and toggle between, say, Exercise 1 and Exercise 2, you’ll see the board layout change (not always, but somewhat often).

I expected each Exercise to be “static” in that it would always be the same board and exercise. Is that not the case?



When you are trying to solve a puzzle, each time you find the solution, yes you go automatically to the next one.
You can use the go back button of your browser to find again the puzzle you were with.

Could you link to the puzzle collection you’re using?

Many puzzles randomize color and flip+rotate the board.
There are buttons to turn it off.

It should perhaps be added that the purpose of the randomization noted above is to give the puzzle-solver the opportunity to see the problem in different orientations, in order to be better equipped to recognize the situation in real games.

I may be wrong, but I think that the @andysjunkmale is just learning go and is practicing in the Learn to play go environment.

Here are no randomize color and flip+rotate the board options.

It differs from the other puzzles collections, where are more options.

In this section you don’t automatically jump to the next puzzle.

First solve the puzzle correctly and press Next.

Hello. I tried to go back but it took me to a different layout. Not what I expected.

Thanks for that tip. I’ll look into that option.

I was in the “Exercise for beginners” section. And you are correct. I’m not even a week into learning Go :slight_smile:

Here’s the URL I was at:

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Here i pushed the next button so i move to a new position (in this specific case, a commentary given by the author after the puzzle being solved )

You go back to the same starting layout by pushing the arrow circled in red.

(On opera browser for android, same with chrome firefox etc…)