Exiting A Game Changes

Not sure if this was the right category to put this under…! but, the new update just came and when you exit the game you are prompted with a resign button and have 60 seconds to do something the only way to get through that is to pause the game and then exit my browser or cause it to crash with like task manager or something is to pause the game and then exit my browser well, I was hoping there could be a bit more time on that clock my browser freezes a lot when it is open after so much time I know that I can exit and restart it before the game but what if it doesn’t freeze till the game starts? then I have to exit and get back in

I feel that the 60 seconds is just too short I know players will complain if its moved up to 2 minutes or 3 minutes but, the standard on most sites is 5 minutes and I feel 60 seconds only pleases one side that really hates escapees I don’t think 2 or 3 minutes is too much to ask for too meet in the middle from both groups who think there should be more time and those who think there should be less time I know there is ways around it like anoek mentioned before that you can pause and then leave which puts you in the same boat as before which is perfectly fine but then that makes me question whats the point of the 60 second timer if the one leaving could just simply pause the game and then leave oO? it wouldn’t cause the 60 second timer for resign so wouldn’t everyone just do that xD? Anyway just wanted to see other peoples opinions on the topic ^^!


Ah, just to clarify what I meant by “people will use the pause feature to escape” is that a player who exits without pausing the game are probably people with browser problems what escaper would exit the game without pausing it first so the 60 second timer doesn’t kick in? like… if they wanted to escape to make there opponent wait couldn’t they just hit the pause button and then leave to make them wait longer… o_o? so the only ones who would get the prompted 60 seconds are the ones usually with browser problems otherwise that is one idiotic escaper if they didn’t think to hit the pause button first yeah?

How long does it take to restart your browser?

FTR we’re not looking to make a bullet proof system so generally solve any escaper problems. There are certainly ways around this system for those that are actively looking to be jerks, but now people have to go out of their way to be jerks as opposed to going out of their way to be courteous and hit that resign button (which some folks don’t even know about). So now when we get reports of these kinds of problems we’ll be able to look at their history and more easily determine whether they have a history of going out of their way to be jerks (worth a warning and a ban if they continue), or whether it was a one time thing (perhaps just a connection loss or a browser crash).

We believe most of the problems that were reported to us were involving people who just didn’t know they should hit the resign button before closing out, or were rage quitting (it’s easier to x out than to click resign… that’s no longer true, now you have to go out of your way to be a jerk about it).

So that’s the scope of the problem we are solving with the patch, not trying to solve anything else at this time :slight_smile:

It depends on how freezy it was before that :frowning: I have had it freezy enough where it takes time just to exit the browser then sometimes when I open it I have to hit it like 5+ times for it to even open then it opens like 5+ browsers xD but usually on average 3 minutes or so 5 minutes if I have to restart my pc but I rarely have to restart it but I wouldn’t want to wait for someone to have to restart there entire pc either.

Edit: Ah okay anoek I see! I just think it could hurt those who are not trying to be jerks too :frowning:

I had the exact same browser problem a few weeks ago and I feel for you. For me it was even worse because the whole computer was freezing (because of chrome memory leaks) and I had to force restart it.

In the end it was maybe that Chrome needed a faster computer (I can play skyrim on highest settings with no problem though) but I think Chrome is some buggy poc so I threw it away and installed firefox.

Since then I’ve had zero memory problems, even playing movie streams and music while playing on OGS.

So I humbly ask you to consider finding a solution to your problem like I did rather than asking to change this feature.

Another possibility might be to open the game on your phone, or some other computer. @anoek, would that prevent the 60 seconds from elapsing because she’d technically still be there?

That is correct (you’ll still get the popup box, but nothing will happen if you’re connected from somewhere else)

[Off Topic] Hello @Mikasa, forgive me: IHaveAddedAFewSpacesToTheThreadTitle :wink:

It does that to me once in a GRAND while :frowning: but most of the time it just freezes to the point I just need to close and re-open @ sefo

I could do that thouis but even if I could do that its not something someone should be forced to do on a go server… when it could easily be solved with a bit more time yeah? I am not asking for all the time in the world :smiley: just that it to be a bit more fair to the players who are having the same issues that I have.

No problem :D! @ trohde

Mikasa - if your brower’s freezing, you have a technical problem on your end. You should figure out how to fix that, or work around it. Making the timeout longer inconveniences many other players, compared to one.

But, I am not “one” there are others as well I am sure if you read the thread this was for other players opinions :slight_smile: not to force you to change it so please do the nice thing and don’t force me to do something I can’t possibly do my computer is old theres nothing I can do to fix it at this point I made the thread to gather opinions because anoek said they are going to wait to see how it does I am not fishing to get it changed now I am fishing for opinions so instead of mocking my computer make an opinion instead yeah? :smiley: its what I created this thread for otherwise create a new thread that says “Mikasa’s computer problem” :D!

For your information, i might be one of these too, my computer is sometimes going down the drain (most often due to the browser and these kind of heavy ajax/html5 websites, who are more and more common) and when that happen, it might not respond at all for quite alot of minutes… as i do have running services and such i try to avoid rebooting in such cases as i don’t know if there has been recent ‘important’ diskactivity that might corrupt stuff.

Now, this havn’t happened at all since this minor change, but i don’t play that many live games either, and, as a matter of fact, it hasn’t happened at all last 2 weeks or so, so maybe it’s actually some changes on this site that might have changed?, or on one of the other ajax/html5 heavy pages, dunno… I havn’t had much activity on facebook either, so that might actually be the reason… oh, and i recently started to watch youtube videos not through the browser… so that’s actually even more a possible reason

I do know that the ‘freeze ups’ are due to memoryallocation and when alot of swapactivity is required (maybe more than i have?) and that the reason for it is that webpage design nowadays kinda assume people have an infinite amount of ram…

runnin linux with 6GB of ram, most of the time i use firefox, but the issue is identical using both chrome and opera
I do have a tendency to have alot of tabs open thou, so it’s partly my own fault…

and no, i don’t have the funds to upgrade my computer for the moment

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@Yazphier @Mikasa I play GO on my mother’s antique computer. It does not freeze. Ever.
A website will not use all your computer memory, this is a browser problem.

If you have an old computer with no memory and cannot upgrade, are you going to ask game companies to change their minimum requirements so that you can play?

Here the solution is easy:

1- Find the right browser that has the smallest minimum requirements in terms of memory usage
2- Only have 1 single tab opened at all time (the game one)
3- Stop all other unused programs to save on memory

If we start to modify OGS for single user cases it will never end.

Another solution would be to wait for an external app to be developed but by all means find a solution to your browser problem. It doesn’t only freeze on OGS, does it?

@sefo I know it is a browser problem :)! but it is also a computer being old problem my computer being old it was not like this at first over the time of use it gained programs “over time of use” these programs caused it to freeze and become older/more used if I were to download a clean copy of windows onto this pc my problems would be gone and the browser wouldn’t freeze anymore hense programs downloaded over time are clashing with it which means it also has something to do with the computer being old now what you said is “are you going to ask game companies to change their minimum requirements” HMMM depends did they ask the communities opinion? If I remember correctly as I stated previously anoek said “lets see how it goes” he never said once that this was a solid set time yet in other words they are seeking our opinions :)! now at the browser part it happends to be on all browsers as of a few weeks ago :frowning: wasn’t doing it to firefox now it just does it to whatever I install now once again don’t break the topic ^.^! I am just fishing for opinions not ways to fix my pc because at this point the only way to do that is get a new one or switch OS or find the programs that are causing it to run this way. (Oh the reason I have no re-installed windows : I can’t afford a windows restoration disk and for some reason my pc did not come with a factory restore :(! )