Exotic Material Aesthetics / Custom textures

After seeing the exotic stones posted in another thread (http://www.algorithmicartisan.com/gostones/) I was wondering whether we could at least get their aesthetics as additional choices. I will probably never be able to afford $5000 malachite Go stones, but creating a few images should be rather trivial.

Maybe we could even get a standardized “upload texture” button for custom board and stones? That would be so amazing. Streamers could have a unique look to their games, as well.

Who’s up for it?


I’ve got my green stones simulated already. Might be fun to play around with some other colors and textures


For my olden eyes it would be a lot easier like this:

(Saturation –50)

or even this:

(Saturation –60)

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We could just rip the stone images off the Algorithmic Cartisan catalogue, which would be extremely easy though a tad unprofessional. You never know, they might let us use them – it’d generate interest in their product to have digital replicas on OGS.

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Yea, I could replace the images through a script, but the idea isn’t to just make my personal experience better but to add some customizability to OGS so everyone can get moar. :slight_smile:

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If you already know how to make the script then why not post it to the OGS github?

For one, I don’t think we’re talking about the same kind of script (not java). I’m not good at serverside stuff. I can hack together something that works, but it’s going to be neither clean nor efficient. I also don’t know how to git, sorry. :sweat:

well if the custom textures ever get implemented I can totally make similar textures to those stones… Just so we are legal… But until then I am probably not gonna bother :smiley:


No, I meant you could make a client script (not that I really know how they work at all despite knowing Javascript which I think is what they’re written in) and put it up and then we could download it and use it. But if you don’t have Github then it’s fine.

~8% of male population is red-green color blind.

Besides the greens being yucky, what is the appeal of the light battleship grey goban?

Before making artistic color choices, suggest calibrating display (not sure how to do that if there are deficiencies in color acuity) and then trying the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 HueColor Vision Test.


LOL, as fas as I understand this, it is just about adding options for those who like them, so if this doesn’t meet your taste I’d recommend to simply ignore rather than splattering vitriol :wink:


The critique was not “cruel and bitter”, it was compassionate.

A real upgrade to the stone images would be necessary to do any justice to malachite or other gemstones and better gobans would be needed too.

Suggest upgrading quality of slate & shell and kaya along with addition of gems.

Oh. OK, in that case I totally misinterpreted and have to apologise. It sounded quite harsh to my inner ear, though.

It was quite harsh, and you were right to call him out on it.

Red-green color blindness will only be a problem if you have red and green stones of similar intensity. Light green/dark green is colorblind friendly, as are most light/dark color combos.


What the hell is this talk about color blindness :smiley: I assume color blind people will have the incredible foresight not to set their stones to red and green :smiley:
Obviously we are not talking about forcing these textures on everyone (I assume at least) we are talking about only a local possible change for those who want to look at different stones. Which I would just love <3


not worth replying.

if there’s gonna be green, there ought to be a full ROYGBIV palette available, otherwise it discriminates against people who have different tastes or color sensitivities. perhaps infrared or ultraviolet should be added for those with special capabilities or displays.

Stop trolling the forums.


I really like customization, i’ve suggested options for custom themes and custom stones multiple times, but so far nothing has been done Y__Y

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LOL, why reply then? You’ve sometimes sounded more logical to me in the past :wink:

Nonsense … this is about people creating their own preferred skins.