Experiment (inofficial) 5th game

Hi everybody

user @acepoint had the great idea of an experimental challenge (details here --> Experiment)
The idea was to try to explain almost every move and think about the idea behind that move.
Since he didn’t have enough time for all the requests, I took over one extra game.

This turned out to be a fun game with lots of fighting and a very close result.
The game is here with malkovich log done during the game to explain the thought process behind moves (mostly me) and a first review we did after the game (mostly омг): https://online-go.com/game/5403690

Would be great to have someone else look over the game as well though to get some ideas. I posted the game in the experiment topic as well but I guess it got overlooked there as well as it is a long thread by now and not everyone wants to read through all that.

@mark5000 : I noticed to did (began?) A review :slight_smile: I’m really curious but didn’t want to check to much before making sure that it is actually finished.

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Will finish tonight or tomorrow! I got distracted the first time around and couldn’t find the time to come back yet.

Edit: https://online-go.com/review/162360

This is a long one. Hope you enjoy it!!

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Yay this is awesome :smiley:
I’ll make sure to take my time to go over your comments.
I’ll tag you here @11117 to make sure you see the review of our game.

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