Exploring other board games -- a challenge

I played a few games of Goban Football (aka Phutball or Philosopher’s Football) with @Samraku


World of Warcraft isn’t a board game. This challenge is specifically for board games (well, really for “table games”, with some leniency for card games, mahjong etc.)

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In general: physical board games that also can be played on internet, excluding modern games that are internet only games?

More or less, yeah.


Bao la Kiswahili: https://www.kibao.org/kanuni.php?lng=en

Not my cup of tea, but I am under the impression that it is considered one of the deepest mancala games.

You can play correspondence on the same site.

Arimaa: http://arimaa.com/arimaa/

An elegant game that looks similar to chess on the surface, but plays more like go in the sense of simpler piece rules and strategy-tactics balance. (more whole board thinking and recognizing shapes and less brute force reading).

The same site is the best place to play it online currently.

Thue-Morse Go: Thue-Morse (Fair Sharing) Sequence: A possible alternative to komi?

As long as we’re listing go variants, I must submit this love it or hate it gem. :smiley:

The best place to play online is a site called OGS some of you may have heard of. :smiley:


You could play Chu Shogi on 81dojo.com before, but I think they removed it. You can use hachu to play Chu and Dai Shogi against the computer: http://hgm.nubati.net/HaChu.html

You can also play it here: https://sdin.jp/en/browser/board/chushogi/


One can play just about any chess variant imaginable on the Game Courier. Of course, I don’t think we should add every variant they have to our list (nor would it be practical), but if there are any chess variants people do want to add, they can almost certainly be played there.

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Should we make a second thread in which to organise matchups? Or would that be better done via a group?

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A thread (or just using this one) would be easiest for me, though a group is valuable for giving exposure and collecting a list of interested players, so I would do a thread, and add a supplementary group if so desired.

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Open offer to anyone who’d like to play

  • atomic chess
  • xiangqi
  • chu shogi
  • mancala (eg. with Samraku’s Bao la Kiswahili link)
  • gomoku
  • amazons
  • Arimaa
  • Hex

Or make me a proposal for any other game : D

I can play most times between about 1pm and 1am GMT+0.

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Lots of other Go varients at

But too lazy to add them all to the wiki up the top lol so here’s a picture of the options :stuck_out_tongue:


There is another obscure abstract board game from the 80th called Chase.

The rules are very simple, but the game is suprisingly deep (does that remind you of anything?)

I played it back in school and really enjoyed it. Got a copy of it for sentimental reasons a few month back.

To play it you only need a bunch of dice as play pieces and a print out a hex grid.

The rules are here: https://nestorgames.com/rulebooks/CHASE_EN.pdf
And you can even buy a re-issue: https://nestorgames.com/#chase_detail

If anyone wants to give it a go I’ll be happy to play via mail with you. There is no internet server and no bot exists for it :slight_smile:


I’d love to play Arimaa; I’m usually available around UTC 8pm on weekdays, and all day on weekends.

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SDG has Chase.

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What about games with dice?

Backgammon is a classic example, but I don’t know a good place to play online. Could someone recommend one?

Also, we’re playing Yahtzee in another thread on these forums.

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Here ya go!


Would you like to play tonight, at the time you suggested?

Know that I’ve never played before, though.

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Actually I think there are a lot of videogames which, after becoming successful, were also adapted to old school board games for commercial reasons.

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Sure thing! :smiley: I am not a complete beginner, but definitely still in solid TPK territory.

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