Express Your Deep Passion and Affection For GO

GO is an ever-growing game that brings life to all who play it. It pulls people together through the clashing of minds and the expression of emotions. It draws light to all who touch it and opens pathways in the brain that let loose feelings previously kept within the gates of the cranium.

GO is one of the oldest games in history and the world loves it. I would like to express my feelings and bare my heart about GO and how it makes me feel. And any who feel the same about GO the way I do, please add your piece to this godly game…


Go is so radically complex it’s hard to believe that it is quite simple. Everybody has their own opinion on how the game should be played, but it is the same game in the end. The same adventure in the scheme of things. It often makes my brain hurt and I very much struggle to take the game seriously. But I know that the discomfort I feel whenever I focus on a game is my mind forging new pathways, growing bigger and stronger, which in turn makes me more intelligent and versatile as a player, and ultimately as a human being.

Go is a teacher. It brings a calm to the body and mind that very little other games can do. It draws light to the soul and fills you with a peace that can be akin to going to church and becoming one with God. It fills you with a sort of purpose and a need to grow in a world that quite often makes you feel small and insignificant. You feel a confidence that had previously never existed or was weaker than when you found Go. And it grows as you get better. You feel like you can do things that had before felt impossible or too difficult for someone like you.

Go is life in the form of sleek wood with a black grid. Who knew that a concept so trivial, so basic, could contain such complex variations. I love Go for it has given me confidence, higher intelligence, and a deeper understanding of the abstract world. I have an appreciation for the abstract that would have never existed until some time in the future. Before, videogames was where all the fun was, but now I can love more than just a glowing box.

Thank you Go for showing me a world that had seemed small and mediocre but was actually full and beautiful and awash with a light that I have yet found elsewhere. I love you ancient one :relieved:


It’s alright.


:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: its fun

This thread is funny. :laughing:


Wait till you get into 19x19! :stuck_out_tongue:

but 19x19 can be scary :no_mouth: