Extreme lag on ladder navigation

Overall, the new upgrade looks great :slight_smile: But there is one regression I’ve noticed that I thought I’d report/ask about: navigating through the list of players on the ladder, in order to challenge one, is excruciatingly slow. Upwards of 20/30 seconds to paginate through each set of 20-50 players. At first I almost gave up thinking it was broken until it finally appeared half a minute later.

My guess it’s just a missing index in some database table, but figured I’d log it here :slight_smile: Keep up the great work!


Current Chrome version on Ubuntu 16.10 on i5-6260U with 8 GB RAM here.

As of right now (I just tested), there is a bit of lag getting the first screen and a bit more getting the list for 19x19. After I get the first list, it seems to switch between pages fairly quickly.

This is not to refute your report, but to add current status and a specific system configuration.

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Thanks for the additional data point, @Traveller :slight_smile: I just checked again and I’m still in the >15s range on my machine, so it’s not temporary. Might be related to my location.

To add system stats, I’m on Chrome 56.0.2924.87 on Arch Linux on an i5-4590 CPU with 32GB of RAM, so it’s definitely not client-side. I’m located in Canada.

Digging into the inspector tools a bit, it seems that it is indeed the request to /api/v1/ladders/313/players that is taking forever:

There is nothing unusual in the JS error console.

Hope that helps!

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