Failed Tourney please delete

Hey I made a mistake with the Just For Fun tourney so if you could end it that would be great. I do apologize for messing it up.

Can you link it to me, I don’t see it?

That tournament looks like it is progressing okay… I’m not sure it would be right for the current players to remove it.

Yeah I realized that too after I disqualified some people . I had stayed up all night 2 nights in a row doing work and I wasn’t in my right mind, I have no idea why I did that, I messed up is there any way to undisqualify them? Sorry for being such a idiot I really am sorry for the trouble
synistral LuMK goongo Sincerus_Serpens

It’s no problem… I can unDQ them but they will have lost the game they were playing… I’ll give each of them an extra tournament point for that.


Thanks I going to stop doing allnighters now


Alrighty, you’re all set… good luck with your tournament :smile:

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Why on earth disqualify anyone for losing a game on time in the first place?
Remove that feature or make it optional in the tournament setup, but not this.
We have a case like this and now the player wants to go a different server.

Online-go is typically NOT a competitive server. It does not attract the strong players, but it is very busy and fun. Why think of such a harsh measure?

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At least for correspondence tournaments, this prevents those players advancing to the next round. Often players just disappear, especially in multi-round tournaments, this would mean a lot of empty games in the later rounds.

I guess it doesn’t make as much sense for live / blitz tournaments, but also here many tournaments with multiple rounds deal with players who stop playing after a couple of rounds.

Making it optional sounds like a good feature, though.