Failing to remove dead stones

Hi everybody! I am new at Go and really love it!

I have a question : Am I right to think that dead stones removal in Japanese rules vs Chinese rules is not the same in the game? When I play w/ Japanese rules, I just click to accept the dead stones and they are removed but w/ Chinese rules, I have to identify them? I may be confused as I am trying right know to understand a lot of stuff but I’m very opened to hear about comments/reactions on that question.

Thanks a lot!

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Whatever set of rules, dead stones are dead. If they are not identified automatically, then help the scoring by marking them as dead manually.


Yes, it shouldn’t make much of a difference if you’re play by Chinese rules or Japanese rules in regard to marking dead stones (and in most other regards).

Maybe something else was going on during the scoring phase that would affect the scoring phase?

For example in bot games you won’t get the opportunity to mark dead stones.

I looked at a couple of your games (trying to find which games you might be talking about here) and I spotted some anomalies that might have been confusing for you:

In game Cstp vs. Mateussantos, all your stones were incorrectly marked dead somehow. You might want to ask a moderator to annul that game because it was mis-scored.

In game vs. Cstp, the game was evaluated by the server instead of going through the regular scoring phase, so you were not given the opportunity to mark dead stones.


Thanks a lot @gennan! Yes this is correct, I asked this question after the game w/Mateussantos where I would have won but all my stones were attributed to my opponent. So I was wondering if there was something I did not understand about some rules. Thanks for giving a heads up on that!

Now, I will try to find how to ask a moderator (never did that…). A lot to learn here and thanks again for the precious advices!


You have a button “call a moderator” (or report?,
I forgot) in each of your games


Yes found it thanks a lot!

Just a little heads up on this post, I ask for the moderator and the user as been blocked from OGC (I am guessing this was not the first time this user had been reported…). Thanks again for your inputs!

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