Failure creating tournament

I tried to set up a tournament today:

I entered 30 minutes absolute time as the time setting, but it got set up with 4 weeks 2 days time control.

Then I wanted to delete it and try again. But I can’t find a delete button.

Can someone help me get rid of this thing?

I also tried to change the McMahon Bars. They are stuck at 20k - 10k.

I have an idea of what could have happened. You may have set the time settings before the tournament type. When you change the tournament type, I think the time settings reset.


I know, ugly bugs. All tournament bugs will be fixed soon! Have patience! :smiley:

In the meantime you may want to cancel that tournament and create another

How can I cancel a tournament?

I may start it anyway, if we get some players.

We got 8 players and I pressed start. Tournament page says “Tournament is starting”. What is happening now? What should I expect?

It happened to me few times. Every time it started soon. Maybe it will start but we just have to wait…

STOOOMA, have you found a way to delete a tournament? I don’t plan to delete this one, but I couldn’t find an option to do so. Have you?

We’ll get this tournament fixed up and started for you guys. Sorry about that!

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Thanks Matt. I’m looking forward to the new developments in tournaments. Meanwhile … OGS is still a great site.

alrighty tournament started

Thanks for your patience!

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Matt, most of the games in this tournament don’t have handicaps the way they are supposed to. Should we just wait for new code, or is there an easy fix?

Somehow I have busted up handicaps and komi for tournaments and ladders I’m going to fix it up for good tonight.

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OK. Don’t hurt yourself! Don’t fall off any ladders :slight_smile: Don’t work too hard!

Okay guys, so digging into this I’ve realized something that I actually had forgotten about (This happens sometimes when you write code and then forget about it).

Handicap McMahon tournaments behave different than what you might expect from traditional handicaps. For the moment I’ll assume that you know what a McMahon tournament is so here’s how things work. If you aren’t then I recommend you read this:

So here goes:
If you are above the top bar (0+ points) at any point then your games effectively become even games.

If you are below the top bar we calculate your handicap based on difference in tournament points OR difference in rating points (whichever is lower). So below the second bar everyone has the same number of points at the start so in the first round these games will effectively be even.

This particular tournament in question is not a very well organized Mcmahon tournament … the bars are set such that no one is above the top bar and only two players are above the lower bar (the bars aren’t even set such that they take the rank restrictions on the tournament into account) so it just doesn’t lend itself very well to the McMahon tournament type.

In general if you want a true handicap tournament the best tournament type is Swiss where there are no bars and no pre-allocated tournament points. Everyone starts with the same number of points and an even possibility of winning.

There’s a lot of precedent for operating handicapped McMahon tournaments in this fashion which is why we implemented it this way originally.

Or we can just set bars to same number (as I did in all my McMahon SWT tournaments)…? I still think Simultaneous McMahon Is the best type, because Swiss may take too much rounds, and in SM players earn enough points to make difference between places in only 3 rounds. So for same number of points Swiss takes 6 times bigger time. Which is a lot if we assume that one 19x19 game takes few months… But for live tournaments, Swiss is definitely the best.