Fast Correspondence Tournaments


This could be a solution.


But, it would require permanent action by the tournament director to disqualify the players who went on vacation. Why not automate this?


They already have code that disqualifies a player from a tournament or a ladder after a timeout… it shouldn’t be too hard to add vacation as another trigger? But I haven’t looked at the code…


I made another +8h/move tournament for 5kyu players and up. join me! :smiley:


Another one, for all levels.


The tournament starts in 24hours. We could still use some players :slight_smile:.


Moving along!

Note: OGS doesn’t allow time control to be changed, so I deleted that tournament and created a new one with 6h increment.


Is there any chance of these being even faster?

In the September one, most players finished substantially more quickly.

It would be interesting to see if you could fill it with a setting of max 1 day instead of max 2 day, or similar.


I guess lowering it to 1 day is too much. Maybe 6h increment?


I think an experiment in that direction is worth a try…


Fischer 2d + 12h/move up to 3d


Given the fact that 6 out of 10 players timed out in the previous tournament, I’m going back to 8h increment for this one. Max time is 1d 12h.


1d 12h had around 50% timeouts, so I’m going back to 2d. Enjoy!


I think we have false advertising then: they are no longer “very fast paced tournaments”.



2 days maximum is probably better.
But 1 day 12h or even 1day only, with conditional moves allowed might be a nice experiment, too.


I mentioned vacation usage on the description, so the director has the right to call games. Enjoy!


The two April 2018 tornaments (A and B) are both full. Can we have C and D tornaments?


Just learned that these existed when I saw this thread get bumped. Second the call for more tournaments. Why not create a new set when the previous get full?


They usually do (thats how B came into existence).


Exactly. I was checking that from time to time. Here we go!