Fast Ranking vs. Slow ranking

Hello everyone,
Recently, I have gone on a pretty large losing streak, right after going on a massive winning streak, and it got me thinking.

What if you could adjust how much your rank changed each time you won or lost. For example, you could have fast ranking turned on, which would give you more rank if you won, and would lose you more rank if you lost. Or slow ranking, which would allow you to lose less rank if you lost, but also give you less rank if you won.
This would give you the ability to rank up quickly, if you feel that you are not at the rank you should be, and also allow you to keep your rank and not lose it to a random streak of losses.

However, this might come with a few issues. First, it might be able to be abused, to which I suggest…
Only allowing players to change their ranking speed once every day, or maybe once every couple of games.

It also may cause rank inflation, if a player who has fast ranking on is playing against a player with slow ranking on, and the player with fast ranking won, it would cause an excess of rank, leading to rank inflation.

Anyway, if you think the benefits outweigh the negatives, I would love to see this idea implemented.

One last thing, you could either have a slider, that adjusts your rank speed between fast and slow, or you could have a button to toggle between the two.


As someone with a degree in mathematics - this is very much not how rating algorithms work. Changing the scale factor would ruin the relative strength of the entire system.

If you think your rating is inaccurate, you can always message a mod to adjust it. That being said, based on how math works, it will settle into a slowly moving, slightly lagging metric over time. If you go on a losing streak, this may be a negative correction from a fluke winning streak (or streak of wins by timeout, for instance.) Sorry your rank went down when you don’t think it should have, but that’s sorta the point of ratings. Try not to get too caught up in that number - it’s not that important in the end.


Hello pbgarden,
Thanks for the feedback, as I said, it would be difficult to implement, and now I see that it is not a good idea at all really.
Also, I’m not trying to suggest this because of my rank, I just thought it would be interesting to implement.
Thanks again,

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I have my own offline rank that I increase by 1k each time I win and decrease by 1k each time I lose. So I already have fast ranking system.
I play ranked games only if my offline rank is equal or better than my official rank. So I don’t have problems with accidentally losing too much of official rank.
I choose opponents according to my offline rank. So I always have 50% winrate and have no losing/winning streaks.


That’s an interesting strategy.

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