Favorite Feature Competition: Let's rank our requests

So I have this idea that we will list our favorite uservoice suggestions here and then enter a daily voting contest.

By participating in the voting, you are promising to spend three of your votes on the winning two ideas (for a total of 6 points). Hopefully this will really clarify for the developers what our community really, really wants to see happen on OGS.

We can collect ideas here until July 15, then the voting will begin. Each idea will start with N points (N = number of entries). Each day you may take away a point from an idea (demote) or add one (promote). When an idea has zero points at the end of the day, it will be removed from the list.

Please submit your ideas, include the uservoice links, and submit no more than two per person.

I’ll start the list with my two favorites:

Fix stone placement bug
Fix bug: cannot fork game against opponent >9 ranks away

If we get less than 10 entries, I won’t proceed to the voting stage. So vote with your entries!


also reserved

Sorry, but isn’t this a bit redundant? Since there’s a vote on features there’s very little you can do to change people’s minds on the votes that have already been casted.

On the other hand, though, you could try to convince as many people as possible to vote on the features they find more desirable (or even promote some of your favorite ideas). This would be very beneficial for everyone involved, for a few reasons:

  • Some people have never used the vote on features thingy, and the more the merrier, right?
  • With more votes, your purported goal to make it very clear what a representative section of the server wants would be fulfilled.
  • Even if your favorite ideas don’t get voted on at first, once the devs tackle down the most urgent issues, more votes will be freed to be used in more nuanced topics. If more people make use of uservoice, even if they only voted for the most popular issues, then there will be more free votes to be casted somewhere else.

I do think is just a matter of getting as many users as possible to use the tools already in existence.

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Leira, thank you for the discussion.

I don’t think the competition is redundant. Right now there are many features with relatively few votes each. This competition would enable the community to rank them in order of importance as a group, because as ideas fall away they are put in rank order, and everyone continues to vote on the ideas left standing. And as you point out, the process can start over if the winning ideas are taken care of.

I personally have changed my votes as more urgent ideas have surfaced, and I will change my votes again if this competition happens.

  1. player uses all of his/her 10 votes on uservoice
  2. doesn’t wanna to cancel votes, since supports the ideas he/she has voted on
  3. no votes left = no reason to go to uservoice to check new ideas

I know i’m not the only one, personally i would ditch uservoice and move suggestions back to forum

This was kinda OT, just wanted to say it out loud…

Let me submit this one: http://ogs.uservoice.com/forums/277766-online-go-com-suggestions-and-feature-requests/suggestions/6995686-thematic-tournaments ;3

EDIT: oh i can submit 2? then this shall be the second one http://ogs.uservoice.com/forums/277766-online-go-com-suggestions-and-feature-requests/suggestions/6850596-expose-chat-via-irc

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I have advertised your suggestion on this group. In fact it is basically what the group is all about :wink:

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