Favorite Games List

On our OGS homepage, could it be worth considering having a section which bookmarks/saves games we choose as a favorite/top 5 - 50 games similar to games and reviews.

I have had very memorable games which I either struggle to find months down the line or sometimes I feel it would be nice to have them featured on my homepage as a nice promotion of a great game.


As a sort of hack around this, your profile already has a publicly visible notes section which you could post game links into with short descriptions :slightly_smiling_face:

It displays between your rating graph and active games and can be edited with the edit button under your profile picture.


Another workaround is to post links to games in a forum thread. The forums will even automatically create a thumbnail of the game, like this:

If you don’t want your links in a public thread, you can always send yourself a private message, which essentially gives you a private thread all to yourself to use for notes, or however else you see fit.

Also, most web browsers have a way to save bookmarks.


Tell me which browser don’t have bookmarks system?

Thanks yebellz and Bhydden. These suggestions are actually useful. I understand how to operate bookmarks but I felt what I was asking for is a “best moments” catalogue on our homepages.

Regardless, very helpful!

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