Favorite Go players, 2020 poll edition (updated with poll)

I can’t think of an extent one off the top of my head, but I would expect that mods would be happy to unlock a thread like that if asked since it keeps discussion of something in one central place for future users. I’m not sure on OGS’s exact policy on this, though.

Takagawa’s name doesn’t come up these days nearly so often as it deserves. But then, you could probably say the same for Sakata.

Redmond reviewed a Sakata game in November:


Nice to see Sakata Eio, he is definietly one of my most beloved players. Beautiful games, super sharp lines of play (he got his nick the razor with merit), blood chilling fights, an incredible dedication (one of the longest lasting careers) and a great author (his book on tesuji and anti-suji is one of my favorites).

Another player which I haven’t seen mentioned here yet, and only discovered recently, is Ma Xiaochun. He is one of the best chinese players of the late XXth century, who yields a very elegant, dancing kind of play. Looking at his games I often feel like he is playing a game of drawing by numbers, with his opponents not knowing what the picture will be. Turns out what they see on the board when his stones connect up is a ferocious beast. ^^


Sumire! :partying_face:


Perhaps we should make a 2021 edition, as time has continued to pass by.

I had same idea.
We could cut in different periods like before 1930, 1930-1980 1980-2016 2016–today.

Problem is the preselection, even if you just take 20 best/country/year

I don’t know if a favorite player can change yearly, wouldn’t it take at least some time to get a new favorite?

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Ah you know, fashion is fashion.