Favorite Things to do

What is everyone’s favorite things to do in their free time? I like to play on my Nintendo switch, play tennis, and read sometimes. I will attempt to try everything that people say they like to do if I can, for example, I don’t have an Xbox so I couldn’t do that, or I can’t just say I am going to travel because that needs planning months ahead. I just thought it would be kind of cool to hear what others do in their free time, besides play go because like that is what the point of OGS is.


I study graduate level mathematics books in my free time.

Good luck!

Apart from that I’m learning Japanese, I like to play, make and record music, I draw a bit, sometimes I get addicted to a video game and do nothing but that for a week or two. Oh, and playing go, of course!

Also, I wish we had mountains in the Netherlands, because I’d be climbing one every week if we did.


It will be hard but I will try nothing good will come from giving up :upside_down_face:

hides the pirated grad-level textbooks I’m reading despite the fact that I haven’t even gotten my undergrad

But yeah, I’m big on board games in general (just not the ones with basically no choices like Monopoly) as well as being a clarinetist and just generally liking to learn new things



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I really like the video game Rocket League, which is kind of like the exact opposite of the correspondence Go games that I play on OGS.

Also, I spend a lot of time goofing off on these forums.


I tell other people language-related stuff without being asked, play Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV all day, and watch Netflix with my SO. There are some recipes I really love to cook, like simmered roasts and ragoûts. Sometimes, I even like writing my master thesis.


I enjoy listening to and playing music. In order of proficiency, I play the drums, piano, and guitar. Outside of that, I enjoy golf, bowling, and videogames.

I am also a big fan of Rocket League and have spent way to many hours playing that game. Definitely my favorite game of the past decade.


Go, chess, languages, getting lost on Wikipedia, educational Youtube videos, music, nature documentaries


I don’t “game” because I don’t have the hardware, but Jurassic World: Evolution is my favourite to watch. The graphics are beautiful.

Edit: I’ve also got a soft spot for Empires of the Undergrowth.


When you commit to something that seems so hard after you commit :no_mouth:

Please don’t blame me if I try and fail to do some of these things. Sorry if I completely fail trying to do the things that you guys have posted. This is why I am not going to record myself doing all of these, and I know I would embarrass myself looking at the end result. I will try to keep track of them and the ones I don’t fail though. Thanks to you guys for giving me new things to try out. :grinning:

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lol I didn’t realize this was included a challenge for yourself to do all these things

Here are the other activities that take up my non-Go-playing time (in order of how much time I actually spend on a weekly basis)

  1. Parenting my 10 yr old daughter
  2. Having a good relationship with my wife
  3. Watching TV shows (currently: Star Trek Picard, Bosch, Wall of Chefs, Great Pottery Throwdown)
  4. Playing video games (mostly Warframe, some Agar.io)
  5. Working on that 19x19 for Beginners series (at this time, I’m writing about Go more than actually playing Go)
  6. Working on a long term project to design a high-speed human powered vehicle (I can’t say much about this right now)
  7. Playing or recording music (here’s the last thing my friend and I recorded in July 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9rq0N3Seho)
  8. Working on a sci-fi novel



Lemon Jelly used it too, great sample!

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Um, I cook. I can’t follow a recipe to save my life but nobody complains. :woman_shrugging:

Edit: why did I post in a thread where everyone has at least 6 hobbies? :disappointed:


Well… This? OGS? On my free time, i play go, chat on ogs chat and browse ogs forums ^___^


I’m really into competitive lawn bowling. There is a club walking distance from my home that I play at several days a week throughout the summer. I’m very much looking forward to entering provincials again this year. During the winter months, when the club is closed, I play a scaled down indoor version of lawn bowling called short mat bowling.


I thought this would be a fun way for me to try new things and hear what others like to do. It also doesn’t have a deadline so I don’t have to stress out on doing these in one week.

Something like this is a good thing to enjoy doing, even though I won’t be able to try it since I don’t have a daughter.

Everyone so far has really interesting and fun hobbies - at least it sounds like it. I have some friends in town right now so I will probably try to start doing some after they leave town. Thanks to all for giving me some good ideas and I am still open for more. This is going to be my long term project. :grinning:


I started gardening last year and surprisingly really enjoy it. It’s just really interesting to me to watch things grow.

Apart from that, I like languages, piano, video games, and reading. Oh and arguing with my partner :joy: