Favorite time settings proposal

Developers, developers, developers!


I would like to propose a function to keep some favorite time settings for us players. Example: I play a lot of OSR games (usually byo yomi 30 min 5x30), but I sometimes want other settings (some that I play against a few other players) and I would a quick way to change throught them. I don’t know if it’s possible!



Second! Moreoever, how about storing whole sets of challenge settings? That is, not only time control but also game name, handi, etc, etc.

yes! in my head it could be the name of the specific challenge as a storage (so you can do it without much changes in the menu, just a dropdown on names that load the specific settings for that game name!)


I am digging this idea. Makes it easier for a teaching game setup too :stuck_out_tongue:

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