Feature idea: 3d/vr interface?

I’ve seen a few posts over the last few years that mention this idea, but the only ‘finished product’ I see is the ‘tabletop simulator’ on steam, as far as I can tell. I don’t really want to have to download steam, and I don’t want to be restricted only to playing with other people who have steam and the game downloaded, and I hear the experience isn’t so polished anyways.

My vision would be something that I could play on online-go.com with, and I think I want to build it using webXR, and be able to play with just google cardboard. (I’m not really interested in other go servers, personally.)

Has anyone every finished a project like this? I’ve never done 3d, but I’m a reasonably experienced web dev and I feel confident I could figure this out (should be a pretty basic intro-to-unity project, I think). Idea would be to have really cool surroundings, get to play go in an isolated environment–on top of mountains, in any desired photosphere, in darkness for the ultimate no distractions mode, with animated abstract 3d art in the background, etc.)

If the devs are open to it, I’d be glad to do that as an integrated project built into online-go.com itself (3d/vr mode).

Otherwise, I’d be interested in more information on whether the api as it exists right now would easily support this project being built as a 3rd party thing.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


As far as I understand these things (which admitadelly is not that deep), the current API should be absolutely enough to create a thing like that, can’t see why not, there is already several 3rd party projects working with OGS.

We only have one developer and he is a pretty busy guy already. My copletely personal suggestion would be to not try and push for some official cooperation right away. At this stage, it is nothing more than an idea and can very well start its life as a separate thing…

However, if you ever have a working prototype and if I understand correctly that you are not used to working with 3D (and if you have no one else), I might be interested in helping to create the visuals and model the environment if you need. :slight_smile:


Great, that’s good news. Can you show me some projects that interface with online-go, or where I can find a list of such projects?

I’ve tried digging around in the api stuff, but I haven’t really found the straightforward ‘getting started’ guide to interacting with the api I was quite looking for… can you point me in the right direction for that?

I’d be glad to have help with visuals, though it also sounds fun to tinker in that direction myself. I have one other friend who has expressed interested in helping me work on the project, but she also has no VR experience. One guy on reddit mentioned he has this very-early prototype he was working on that somewhat overlaps: https://github.com/SunHawk999/VRgo.git

He’s using A-frame, which seems like a potentially promising start?

Haven’t downloaded and run it yet, but there’s a chance I may consider working on that with him if it isn’t too messy and has promise.

Do you have experience with 3d rendering?

There is no list that I am aware of, from the top of my head we have:
An android app made by one of our players: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.zenandroid.onlinego

And a whole standalone game is being built around the concept of interfacing with OGS: The Conquest of Go - A Videogame featuring Go Gameplay - #98 by wolfeystudios

Honestly don’t know, not my area, it is also possible there is none. Perhaps @flovo would know.

Yes :wink: happy to discuss more over PM.

The only real documentation is outdated. You can take a look at https://github.com/flovo/ogs_api for the general ideas.

Excellent, thanks. Good to know about the documentation, I was wondering why I was coming up short. How feasible would helping to update that be for me to tackle?

I love table top simulator go :stuck_out_tongue:
You won’t really find an opponent though… Technically you will eventually but high odds they don’t knows how go works …
It also does not contain any rules since it’s a table top simulator not a go simulator… But it is oddly satisfying to me to actually rearrange stones and score a game (write on table while scoring)

The VR aspect works pretty darn well. Biggest issue is that you click/grab and drag the bowl to pull a stone, but if you hesitate while doing so it will pick up the whole bowl.

Also worth noting, someone DID make an OGS Oculus client to some degree, search forums and reddit for tengen go … Unfortunately the developer never posted it and instead says to contact him to test… I messaged him through his website reddit and possibly Twitter… Nothing.

The old documentaion is at https://ogs.docs.apiary.io/. We moved to github-wiki https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/wiki
Feel free to add an API documentation there.

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I don’t really see anything that looks really connected to what I’m talking about. What am I missing? Nothing looked API related to me poking around, maybe I missed it?

How did these other guys interface with online-go? Did they just watch network traffic and reverse engineer? Other than that, I’m about to go looking through the code for the server (if it’s in the main repo) and see if anything is there.

I now have a 3d board up and running and a function that can place stones on intersections. Would like to see what the API looks like so I can get a better idea of how I should structure my code in relation to it (e.g., is it HATEOS? How much logic about go do I need to code myself? etc.)

Yeah, a nice environment on a worthless network isn’t worth much. I also don’t want pay-to-play, and I want a low barrier to entry. I don’t doubt that it is well made, but that’s just not the experience I’m interested in.

Sorry, I linked the wrong repo. This is the API one https://github.com/flovo/ogs_api

I guess the others had just a look at the OGS code and traffic. If you got a running connection, everything game related should be in https://github.com/online-go/goban/blob/master/src/GobanCore.ts

TTS isnt a worthless network… its just not a go network, and its not a go game.

But uhh… yeah good luck with your high traffic, free to play, low barrier to entry VR puzzle board game made for you by others.

worthless for playing go on; obviously it has value for other uses. It looks great for more active games, but it sounds like going to a great board game night and no one there plays go–that’s great, but not if I want to play go, even if I have a great board to play on…

Also, sorry, what the fuck? What are you insulting me for?

Sorry if you misread me, but nothing I said was anything personal, I just have no interest in TTS and it in no way can satisfy the thing I’m looking for, and judging by its seldom use for this application, that’s true for others as well.

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