Feature Proposal: Team Go

I would like to see a game mode that supports playing as a team.

This can of course be done manually today, with team captains submitting moves on behalf of their team. I have experienced this though, and I feel this way of playing doesn’t work very well due to low participation. I think that to have competitive participation by all players, it would be much better to have application support.

The model I have in mind is to have each player submit a candidate move independently. Then the moves are revealed within the team and each member can change their candidate. When consensus is reached, the move is confirmed.

Time controls work as normal, although higher defaults would probably be a good idea.
(This is a key part of shared competitive participation. In manual mode the captain is doing the time management, and players that aren’t fast enough simply don’t play. Additionally, communication is much faster by having live updates of move candidates, facilitating a live game.)

Ideally all candidate moves are recorded in the SGF with annotations of who placed each candidate. This would allow feedback between players after the game, particularly within teams with different skill levels.

It would also be nice to allow one side to be an individual, so that a team could try taking on a stronger player together. It would be fascinating to measure the characteristics of how strength might be aggregated across players.

I am capable of implementing this, but I’m not sure when I would find enough time for it. I’d love to see it pursued by others if others are interested.

In any case, is this a desirable feature? What are the prospects of getting something like this merged? What kinds of challenges would there be in implementing it within the current architecture?



I think this kind of thing would have a lot of support. Folk are patiently waiting for Rengo, which is a similar concept.

The challenge of implementation is that it would have to be done in the back end, which is not open-source.

I like this function more than any other extra button/feature suggested, but this could be difficult. I don’t know.

would have to be done in the back end, which is not open-source

Ah, shucks. Still interested in potentially contributing.

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We haven’t yet yelled at @anoek loud enough to convince him everyone on OGS really really really really really wants rengo :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Personally, I’m not remotely interested in rengo :stuck_out_tongue:

But it would be nice if we could contribute back-end code :smiley: