Feature Req: Delay before play

Maybe is a silly suggestion, for this I ask for opinions here before open an issue.

I play fast, so fast, and I’m trying to force me to “think” before to play. I’m training in OTB (for example, not get the stone before my turn, and so on…) and works every day better, but when playing online I can’t avoid to play because my mouse is over the point I want to put my stone. To train this, could be interesting some kind of option (specific to this game, in player preferences, whatever) where you can set up a delay in seconds that avoid to put the stone.

Just something like 5sec delay. When is your turn, you can’t put your stone before 5 seconds have passed.

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Take your hand off the mouse between moves. You could even sit on it.


There is no silly question in this forum (unless an obvious attempt to troll but that’s not the case.).

I like your suggestion. That could be a great bonus offered by online playing using a very easy and efficient way to fight the lack of thinking. I imagine the delay fixed at your convenience with a slider.


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