Feature request: ability to make one-off donation

Back when OGS was blue, I often supported the site by making one-off donations. I keep checking back with the ‘new’ OGS to see if this is possible, but so far, there’s only an option to take out a subscription.

I would love to continue supporting the site if there was a way to make a one-off payment (even if that amount was equal or greater to the suggested monthly subscription payment).

This isn’t just about turning off ads or getting the ‘benefits’ – if those are only available for subscription people, so be it. I just want to support the development/upkeep of a site I like and use a lot. (That being said, in general, ads do heavily detract from my experience of a site. Instead of paying to get rid of ads on a site, I usually just avoid the site. If it gets ad-heavy here, I’d probably end up slowly fading away. But for the moment, I’m still getting enough enjoyment that I would like to support the site, if there is a one-off payment option.)

Sorry if this is elsewhere – I’m not a big forum person and don’t keep track!

All the best and thanks for all the development efforts, and for keeping OGS going!



Hello @Ingrid, I appreciate your wish to support OGS with one-off donations (even though I personally prefer to give a small amount regularly so that our devs can (somewhat) extrapolate what might come in over time).

You may want to read this thread:

IIRC you are not the only one who prefers one-time payments instead of “subscription”, and (also IIRC) @anoek and @matburt are working on a system to take such payments into account. (Please forgive my “IIRC” but my memory is like a sieve :wink: and you’ll be able to read up more info in the linked thread.)

Greetings, Tom

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friends; Would like to contribute to OGS if I could be able to mail it in-- ??Why not recruit an extra person to serve as treasurer? That could help to lighten the administrative task…

On the extrapolation “argument”:

You could simply spread the lump sum over the 12 next months in your calculations.

Whether I decide to pay again in 12 months or decide to stop paying monthly in 12 months has exactly the same difficulty of extrapolation. The only difference is that it is much more likely that I forget to stop my subscription for several months if I leave here for some real-world reason. And I have to say that I have priced this expected extra payment into my choice of the monthly amount I pay.

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