Feature Request: ability to make one-off donations

Hello all,

I would really, really love to be able to make a one-off donation. I was a regular contributor on the old, blue OGS site, and would be again if this were possible.

Is it the advertising that keeps this from being a possibility? If so, would it be possible to turn off advertising for a year in return for a donation of a certain fixed amount ($60 say, to average out to the $5 a month suggested donation…or perhaps more if you want to encourage people to give monthly but not exclude people like me)?

I posted about this back in December 2015 and check the donation page every few months to see if there’s a change… I know I could make a larger one-off donation and then immediately cancel the subscription, but then one doesn’t get the membership benefits after the first month. This puts me off, given that ads are involved. Instead, I keep checking back for a one-off option.

If I’m the only person who won’t sign up for a monthly payment, I completely understand that it’s not worth the dev time to change things, but I thought it was worth bringing up again, just in case others might feel the same…

Thanks much and best wishes,


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You’re not the only one that would use this. It has been a requested feature in the past.

I am still waiting for it.

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Yes, I would contribute once a year if that option were available. I don’t use my credit card much, and it would be annoying to have a monthly bill.

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I’ve suggested introduction of Patreon support. With that approach it should be easy to have multiple support scenarios configured. Should be much more convenient for supporters. Would you use patreon.com if that was an option?

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Yes, I’d be happy to use Patreon if there were one-off options. Personally, I’d prefer to pay a larger chunk once a year (ish), and if there were a way to pay the equivalent of the monthly donation in a lump sum via Patreon, I’d certainly give that a go.

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